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A Little Bit About Me - As if Anyone Really Cares!

This is Me - Yes, I'm Real!
My Loveable Goofball Husband
The Infamous Stormie Cat

Hi, I’m Angie!

When I was a little girl my plan was to be a Nurse when I grew up because I have always known that I love helping people.  But then, you know how it is, life happened and I spent my early adult years being a mom instead (the most important job ever)!  

When my four kids (Boy, Girl, Fraternal Twin Boys) were pre-teens/teens I transitioned into a single mom position and discovered Medical Transcription, which allowed me to work from home while raising my kids.  This allowed me to have the flexibility to always be available for my kids.  I loved doing that and continued for 7 years until the availability of work became unstable.  

I spent 20+ years in administrative positions living my dream of helping people by taking tasks off their plates and guess what – I excelled at it!  I am obsessed with learning new things and figuring out ways to streamline processes to be more efficient while maintaining quality and I was instrumental in many changes in my organization.  I am also pretty tech-savvy and even earned the unofficial title of “Techy Guru” among my peers.

Then COVID happened and my husband (10 years going strong and more in love than ever) and I both got sent home to work remotely and I was reminded just how much I love working from home!  I don’t have to get up as early, I finally got back into running, I get tons of quality time with my husband and our cat, Stormie, and the commute ROCKS!

In my prior administrative roles,  I routinely performed many tasks related to bookkeeping – data entry, spreadsheets, finances, accounts payable, and payroll.  When changes were made in my last position that would have changed my interaction with people whom I had developed relationships with for many years, I decided to open my own business so I could develop new relationships and use my talents to help even more people, specifically business owners who hate the very work that I love, and I knew this was my calling!

And yes, I am completely obsessed with Florida and everything related to it – Dolphins, Palm Trees, the Gulf, the Sun, the Heat – Everything!  It is my dream to move there as soon as I can! 

I am also obsessed with cats of all sizes!


I’m sure you are wondering how I am different than every other bookkeeper out there – Great question!  The thing that most sets me apart from other bookkeepers is that I not only care about your business health and keeping your books organized, but I also care about YOU and how I can help you achieve your goals!  I am very relationship-oriented and I want my clients to feel cared for as people.  As with my administrative work, it remains my mission to always do my very best for each and every client to ensure a long-lasting (“infinity” – get it?) mutually rewarding relationship!

Additionally, I conduct myself in my professional life the same as I do in my personal life.  What this means is that you get the “real me” – nothing fake here!  A lot of people who love numbers have a reputation for being dull or boring… Not me!  I love FUN!  I love color and you will see lots of color on my documents.  I also love smiley faces/emojis and you will see plenty of those in my emails/texts/instant messages/chats!  My goal is to make life as fun as possible even when doing things that wouldn’t normally be considered fun.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and happy when interacting with me!

I am a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and I earned a certificate from a bookkeeping course called Bookkeeper Launch so you can feel confident that I am qualified to do your books.  I also have several colleagues I am in contact with and continue to learn from all the time.  I will never stop learning!

Are you ready to let me help you get back to doing you?  

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